2020-21 Tryouts



Reopening responsibly,

JJVBC is committed to the health and safety of our members and the community. Safety for our players, coaches, staff and their families is our number one priority.  In order to serve our players inside the training facility and to ensure their safety, we have implemented new guidelines outlined below to provide you a safe practice/private lesson experience. As this is an evolving situation, we will continue to monitor local guidelines, regulations and recommendations to ensure all proper precautions are being taken. 

Here are the precautions we are taking:

All volleyball will be  sanitized  for each practice (using Nemesis spray).

Instructions will take place at least 6 feet apart and players will remain socially distanced.


Tryouts will consist of the following:

  • Will start with a limited number of players.
  • Will start with a limited number of balls.
  • Coaches will wear mask and gloves during  tryouts
  • Coaches will use separate ball cart/ 15 volleyballs for each group.

For Athletes:

  • Athlete arrive 15 minutes prior to your training
  • Athletes are required to wear masks to and from the courts
  • Each athlete has to have a waiver signed by a parent prior to the first training. Click here for the waiver and make sure it is signed and turned in.
  • Come prepared - fully dressed in your gear and shoes
  • Bring two large water bottles (filled) – (you will not be able to use the water fountain, hangout area, or restrooms)
  • Bring hand sanitizer (ex. Purel/purex) or wipes for your own use before, during and after practice
  • Have your hair pulled back and with a headband to limit loose hairs in your face (trying to limit face touching – don’t touch your face!)
  • Go to the bathroom before you come for your training
  • Player has to answer 3 questions:
    • o  Q 1: have you been sick or run a fever in the last 48 hrs?
    • o  Q 2: have you traveled outside of  Jackson in the past 14 days? If so, where to?
    • o  Q 3: during last 14 days did you have a contact with Covid-19 infected person (sick, traced), travel out of country or to high risk area (e.g. NYC)?
  • Social distancing with your teammates and coach will be in effect (no huddles, high fives, hugging etc.)
  • Instruction will happen from a minimum of 6 feet apart
  • Your court will be equipped with sanitized balls and a ball cart
  • Each player should wash gear after each training session
  • No parents/spectators allowed in the gym during this time


Hello All,

ALL 10/25/2020 1pm - 3pm Union University


Welcome to the 2020-21 Tryouts Registration with Jackson Juniors Volleyball

This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for participation, and submit payment.

Please read through each page carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately. 

To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa or MasterCard information available.



Tryout Membership-$10.00:  This membership will allow an athlete to try out for multiple clubs and includes Sport Accident Insurance during sanctioned tryouts. The Tryout Membership begins on September 15th and will expire on November 29th. To practice or compete with a junior volleyball club and to be placed on a team roster, the Tryout Membership must be "upgraded" to a Regular Junior Player membership. The $10 tryout membership fee will be applied to the cost of a Junior Player membership ($42 female/$17 male). The Region HIGHLY RECOMMENDS a Tryout Membership registration for all Junior Players who plan to attend a club tryout since the cost is only $10. 

Regular Girl’s Junior Membership-$52.00: Full season junior female player membership for both indoor and outdoor participation and eligible for all national level events.

Regular Girl’s (18s) Junior Membership-$52.00Full season junior player membership for those who are 18 or will turn 18 by the last day of the season, 8/31 or 19 and in the 12th grade. Includes both indoor and outdoor participation and eligible for all national level events. SafeSport training must be completed prior to being eligible to participate.

Youth Membership (8 and Under)- FREE: This Membership option is for players that are 8 years of age during the entire membership season. Membership allows the individual to play in regionally sanctioned tournaments only. Individuals in this category are not eligible to play in national level events (Region Bid Qualifier, Qualifiers, JNC, National High Performance teams/camps, etc.). If a member is participating in a national level activity, she/he would need to be purchase the Delta Junior - Player Membership.


Purchase 2020-2021 Volleyball Membership

IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A SPORTSENGINE ACCOUNT:  To Purchase a Membership, click on this  "MEMBERSHIP LINK". ​​​​​​All individuals that already have a SportsEngine account will use the same link. 


IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A SPORTSENGINE ACCOUNT:  First you will need to create an account before you can purchase a membership. Instructions on how to create an account follow below. 


If a family has multiple players, they can all have their membership information in the same master account, using one set of login credentials (called a "family account").  This is different than past seasons.  In the old system, all individuals had to have their own login. *NOTE: Primary account holder MUST be a parent/guardian. Your athlete will have a profile added to your “household” once they have a membership.

NOTE: If you are the parent/guardian of a participating athlete, please create the account under your name and email address. You will add your athlete to your SportsEngine account as a sub profile later during the registration and/or rostering process. 

How to Create a SportsEngine Account

  1. Navigate to your organization's website or go to sportsengine.com.
  2. In the upper right-hand corner of your screen, click Sign In.
  3. Enter your email address and click Next.
  4. Fill out all the requested information.
    • NOTE: Ensure the information entered belongs to the primary account holder (parent/guardian). 
  5. Once complete, click Sign Up

Verify Your SportsEngine Account

  1. Navigate to your email inbox.
  2. Open the "Activate Your SportsEngine Account" email.
    • NOTE: If you do not receive this email within 5 minutes, be sure to check your junk/spam folder.
  3. Click Activate My Account.

Helpful Tip! If you are experiencing issues when trying to create a SportsEngine account, please reach out to accounthelp@sportsengine.com.



People clicking on the above link will be prompted to Login or Create a SportsEngine Account, their browser may automatically log them in if it has saved their login email and password.  Instructions on how to set up a SportsEngine account is above on this page. If a family has multiple players, they can all have their membership information in the same master account, using one set of login credentials (called a "family account").  This is different than past seasons.  In the old system, all individuals had to have their own login. *NOTE: Primary account holder MUST be a parent/guardian. Your athlete will have a profile added to your “household” once they have a membership.


SportEngine will use Quizzard to allow members to find the right membership for them based on how they plan to participate. 
Once the Member has logged in, they will be prompted to choose "WHO" they are buying the Membership For. This will pull up all of the profiles within their account and give them an Option to add a Child to purchase a Membership for.

Once they select who they are buying the Membership for they will be prompted to add/update their required information. 

This will be pre-filled from their SportsEngine account profile.  The following information is required to purchase a Membership:

  • First Name, Last Name, Gender

  • Date of Birth, Email

  • Address 1, City, State, ZIP, Country

Complete Registration and Purchase


When you get to the checkout page, you will see two “transactions” that equal the total membership price.  One transaction represents the fees going to Delta Region, and the other represents the fees going to USAV.  This is different than in the past.  Don't be confused.  You'll still be charged the same amount - you're just going to see an itemized breakdown.  You may also see two separate charges (totaling the amount of your membership) on a credit card statement. No refunds are eligible.


After a membership is purchased, you will receive an e-mail outlining the additional steps necessary to become eligible to participate.  This can include a background screening, SafeSport certification, etc.  Your account will also show these steps. 

If a family has multiple players, they can all have their membership information in the same master account, using one set of login credentials (called a "family account").  This is different than past seasons.  In the old system, all individuals had to have their own login.


When a membership is purchased, you will not have the option of associating yourself with a club. This is different than past seasons. 

A club must first invite you to join their club. This will be followed up with an email to confirm you want to affiliate with their club. This process must happen before a player or coach can be placed on a roster.  

A player may be asked to join several clubs. Finding the right club for your son or daughter can be a daunting task. If you are new to club volleyball you will want to find out as much information as you can about the clubs in your area before you make your selection. First of all, it is a serious commitment of time and money. Click Here for a guide that will help the volleyball family make an informed decision. 

Once a player accepts a club's invitation the club will send them a affiliation confirmation. When the player agrees to be affiliated with the club the player is then added to the team roster. A player can not change to another club once they have been added to a club roster until the end of their club season-which is usual after the GJNC in July. Complete Transfer Policy may be found below. 

While most clubs strive to allow as many athletes the opportunity to participate as possible, unfortunately not every athlete will be afforded an invitation for that particular year.

Athletes who do not make a program should not be discouraged. Delta Region Clubs value hard work, determination, and improvement over time. Every year is a new tryout year and Delta Clubs look forward to athletes trying out in the following year and working to make a program.


As a rule, the Delta Region will not refund membership purchases. Special cases of hardship and injury prior to using a full membership will be examined on a case-by-case basis.

If a refund is approved, credit card service fees will be applied. Any membership refunds will be pro rated based on the length of utilization. 


It is recommended that athletes purchase the $10.00 Tryout Membership while participating in club tryouts.

If you are new to Junior Volleyball or you are not sure you want to play this season, the Delta Region now offers a $10 tryout fee which is cost-effective. If you are chosen for a team the $10 will be taken off the total cost of a ‘Regular Junior Membership’. Tryout Membership also is not refunded.


Once a player commits to the club, the club will then be able to put that player on the roster of a team. The player is then officially committed to that club. Any financial commitments made to a club are between the individual and the club (not the Delta Region) ~ Clubs are private enterprises.

Once he/she accept's a Club's Invitation that player is committed to a club for the entire USA Volleyball season which concludes at the end of the Junior National Championships in July. 

NOTE:  Only a change in geographical location of the family due to a change in job, military, scholastic or inner-collegiate status may receive special consideration. Application for a waiver to the Transfer Policy must be made by the parent of the player to the Delta Region Commissioner using the same said form below. 

What if the team has disbanded and no longer intends to participate? A player can be reassigned to a different club in the Delta Region if the team the player is currently affiliated with has disbanded and no longer intends to participate in any USA Volleyball sanctioned event, whether in or outside the Delta Region. This must be confirmed by the Club Director before any contact can be made with the player. Players from a disbanded team may request a transfer using the same said form below. A disbanded team may withhold such authorization if the player(s) is/are not in good standing with the club. Any financial commitments to a club are between the individual and the club~ Clubs are private enterprises.

If a player on a disbanded team transfers without filing the proper written authorizations, then the player and the new team/club may be sanctioned.


Please direct any questions regarding this registration to:

Contact Phylis Anyango


Phone: (731) 217-7805